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What Does Your Digital Presence Say About Your Teaching Practice?

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

If asked to review your “bookmarked” tabs on your browser, what online teaching and learning resources would you find? I recently viewed mine, and found the obvious go-to sites, but also some lost gems I had not visited in some time that brought back memories from my time in the classroom. It felt like a new discovery to locate material that once served a purpose with students, that could now be used to help inform my work with educators for teacher training workshops on topics such as cultural awareness, social justice education and advocacy for English learners (ELs).

Beyond just your digital bookshelf, consider your online presence. What tools and strategies do you employ to convey your teaching practice? Are there meaningful quotes on your social media pages or in your email signature? Can these serve as reminders of your intention and your “why” for reasons that energize you as an educator?

Below is my list of coveted resources I’d like to offer, with a brief description of each. View them, try them out, reflect, share them with colleagues, and of course, don’t forget to “bookmark”. Following the online resources, I include a quote that has and continues to serve me and the population I work with. It’s one that has provided guidance in my professional life, as well as encouraged the support I have given to others.


· Teaching for Tolerance This organization offers frameworks on social justice education, lessons, teaching toolkits, and much more.

· NewsELA NewsELA partners with multiple news media companies to offer authentic reading selections, adapted to a desired Lexile level. The reading selections are also accompanied by assessments and extensions activities.

· EduTopia Here you’ll find resources to help you implement the latest concepts, from project-based learning, content-based instruction, technology integration, and much more

· SupportEd This resource is specific to English learners, but we know differentiated instruction is not limited to language learners. Explore here for strategies on how to position students for success.

· EdSurge Visit here for news and updates regarding the role of technology in education.

· Echoes and Reflections The goal of this partnership is to help reshape the thinking and therefore teaching of world events through complex themes from the Holocaust.


“It is never too late to become what you might have been” -George Eliot

Show us a glimpse into your teaching philosophy by sharing resources and/or quotes you value and use in the classroom and beyond.

These may be featured on our Instagram. Follow us:@transformedcollaborative

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