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We Want to Hear From YOU!

Hello to our transformative readers,

We want to take this opportunity to revisit some of the topics we’ve covered on our blog, and to invite you to submit a topic/suggestion you would be interested in reading about during our upcoming series on teacher burnout. We invite you to participate and engage in the transformative power of collaboration.

Below are a few selected highlights from previous blog posts. These include interdisciplinary themes, how we think about professional development (PD), incorporating authentic and relational leadership attributes to your work, and of course resources we wish to share with you.

What is Awesome Education PD and What can It Look Like?

In this post, we invite you to share a PD experience that is engaging, productive, practical, and fun. Some of our readers stated their idea of an awesome education PD is one that is safe, intentional, practical and ongoing. That’s what we’re all about at Transform·Ed!

The Power of Authentic Leadership and Positive Identity in the Classroom

[We as] Teachers are classroom, school, and community leaders. As such, we must honor our core values and beliefs, trust our instincts, and filter messages that imply that we must be someone else in order to be effective. To be an authentic leader in the classroom, consider being reflective and critically self-aware so you know when you are at your best for your students.

Professional Development for Teachers on the Go

In this post, we share some podcasts that inspire our teaching. Here are a few:

· The Cult of Pedagogy podcast (45-minute dives into specific topics/strategies)

· Well Played (about integrating play in the classroom, lots of gamification ideas)

· EdTech Confessions (15 min or less episodes, practical strategies, no distracting extras)

· House of EdTech (I fast-forward to Featured Content or Edtech Recommendation)

· EdTech Shorts (2-5 minute introductions to tech tools)

· Transformative Principal (school-level ideas, good for administrators or teachers in a shared leadership school)

How Can I Be Inconvenient?

Ten years ago, a film called An Inconvenient Truth was released to highlight the detrimental impacts on our environment. Today, we have the opportunity to experience the sequel, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. In the original film, there are models of the natural disasters we are seeing today. In the sequel, there are updates on data, shifts in the movement, and even a glimmer of hope. A great way to introduce this topic is to show the films and create a project focused on answering the question, “How can I be inconvenient?” Empower your students to take a stand and to take action by growing their awareness of real-world events.

We want to hear from you!

This month, we begin our series on teacher burnout. Look for videos and blog posts to come, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by joining our mailing list. We also want to hear from you.

Tell us in the comments section what you would like us to blog about and discuss when it comes to teacher burnout. Let us know how we can support you.

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