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The Power of Authentic Leadership and Positive Identity in the Classroom

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

For today’s Blog post, I would like you to consider the benefits of honoring your authentic self as a leader in the classroom. As educators, we are constantly learning and striving to grow so that our students may become the best version of themselves. Gardner, et al.(2005), states, “Authentic behavior refers to actions that are guided by the leader’s true self as reflected by core values, beliefs, thoughts and feelings, as opposed to environmental contingencies or pressures from others” (p. 347). In order to to bring one’s best self to the classroom, Roberts, et al. and Gardner, et al. (2005), both contend that self knowledge is the key. We can then assume that to be the most effective authentic leaders in our classrooms, we must be reflective, be critically self-aware, know and honor our authentic selves, and learn to balance the recommendations and professional advice with our true selves.

Teachers are classroom, school, and community leaders. As such, we must honor our core values and beliefs, trust our instincts, and filter messages that imply that we must be someone else in order to be effective. In order to do this, self-knowledge, self-reflection, positive identity formation, and honoring our best selves is imperative.

How do you honor your best self as a leader in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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